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Madhusudhan Global School is working to “Redefine State Board School”. We offer state board curriculum. Our teachers guide students along every step, encourage them to come upon their own strengths and weaknesses. Students are put in an environment that catalyses their academic, physical and intellectual approach. At Madhusudhan Global School the purpose of the state Board has been more than just examining the general education of the student. Problem solving and solution seeking is the main approach at Madhusudhan Global School. The curriculum prepares the child for higher studies and competitive exams.

The marks are complimented by compulsory project work that required the student to explore subject and write his/her understanding of it.

At Madhusudhan Global School we use the Holistic Development Approach.
This is achieved through:

Activity based learning &
Co-Curricular Activities

(Sports & Performing Arts)
Communication Skills Outdoor Sports
Handwriting Skating
Manners & Etiquette Dancing
Public Speaking Singing
Indoor Sports Art & Craft



Madhusudhan Global School is the firm believers of experiential learning. Field trip and educational visits are organised at regular intervals for our young scholars. These are extension to the concepts taught in the class.

Instead of getting the one or two dimensional view of a subject, experiential learning involves giving the child a three dimensional view of that subject. For example if the topic is life cycle, a one dimensional activity might include a picture of seed turning into a sprout. A three dimensional activity would be actually putting a seed into soil and allowing the children, watch it grow day by day, discussing what is happening along the way.

Experiential learning is a much powerful way to teach, because not only does it engages the mind with fact but also with senses. Engaging the senses makes experience exciting and imprints it on the brain in a way that children retain more effectively than they would by simply looking at the picture.